Our Story

What’s in a name? Here at Harvest Pride Tortillas & Chips it is a lot of Pride! Our dad is a 5th generation farmer with almost three decades of experience growing food-grade corn. During all those years of providing corn to tortilla chip manufacturers here in the Midwest, a desire grew to produce his own corn products. After years of planning and with the support of his family Harvest Pride Tortillas & Chips was founded. Now, as a true family-run business, we take pride in knowing the first step begins with planting a seed and supplying our own #1 ingredient. This gives us the ability to control the quality of our products and enables us to consistently provide an outstanding brand.

From our family to yours, we take pride in providing you a home grown product!

Our tortilla chips are currently available at the following locations:

Plaza Inn- Mt. Victory
302 Carryout- Ada
Dented Can- McGuffey
Porter House West- Kenton
Southside Six- Dunkirk
Mouse House- Kenton
Jitterz Coffee Company- Kenton
Dietsch Brothers- Findlay
Brinkman’s Country Corner- Findlay (Oct. 3)

Current Tortilla Chips
Blue Corn
Nacho Cheese


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